Prokaryotic (Thermus thermophilus) 70S Ribosome

Proteins (solid objects); Ribosomal RNA (green/yellow ribbons) Transfer RNA (blue/purple ribbons)

This model was created by using structural information provided by The Protein Data Bank
H.M. Berman, J. Westbrook, Z. Feng, G. Gilliland, T.N. Bhat, H. Weissig, I.N. Shindyalov, P.E. Bourne:The Protein Data Bank. Nucleic Acids Research, 28pp. 235-242 (2000)

Yusupov MM, Yusupova GZ, Baucom A, Lieberman K, Earnest TN, Cate JH, Noller HF. :Crystal structure of the ribosome at 5.5 A resolution. Science. 2001 May 4;292(5518):883-96. Epub 2001 Mar 29

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